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Sandra Cook Yoga

Sandra has practiced Yoga for more than 30 years, teaching a variety of classes throughout Aberdeen

sandra2016400xYoga is system of philosophy that originated in India over 5000 years ago, developed by hermits as a means to still the mind. Yoga is a holistic approach to mind, body and spirit. The Sanskrit word "Yoga" means union. It consists of various exercises that are mainly based on animal movements.

Practicing Yoga can help provide us with the tools to cope with the daily challenges in life. The movements - asanas - are done slowly and medatively, and are combined with breath awareness - pranayama. Yoga tones the muscles without straining them, promotes healthy blood flow, combats fatigue, balances the neuro-endocrine system, stabilizes emotions and reduces stress. The physical body is flexed and strengthened in order to sit still, enabling us to explore the deeper reaches of meditation.

Everyone can practice Yoga, regardless of age, sex or ability. Yoga can help keep your body supple, helps manage stress and it can provide relief for specific conditions. Yoga is very suitable for less able bodied people. What we practice in class is determined by the needs of those attending.

Making Yoga part of your daily routine brings long term rewards for your body and mind; the combined physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of the individual. Yoga helps you to develop the 'feel good' effect. Yoga practice integrates everything that makes up the whole self and practitioners often have a sense of standing taller and feeling more relaxed, happily and at ease.

Sandra has practiced Yoga for more than 30 years. She has trained with various teachers, qualifying as a Hatha Yoga Instructor with Yoga Scotland in 2006 (www.yogascotland.org.uk) and has been a member of the British Wheel of Yoga (www.bwy.org.uk) since completing a course in Yoga for Pregnancy in 2008. Sandra teaches a variety of ad-hoc and weekly classes throughout Aberdeen, which include one-to-one or group sessions. She also arranges and instructs at workshops, both at a local and national level. She also runs a foundation course for students with Yoga scotland in Aberdeen. Sandra has passed stage 1 of the British Sign Language course and is qualified in first aid. She firmly believes that making Yoga part of your daily routine brings long term rewards for your body and mind. Her enthusiasm for Yoga has engaged a wide variety of students, of all ages and abilities


Come along and have some fun!


Mobile 07708 577 379

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Find me on yogapages.co.uk