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My services

I teach yoga for everybody. My services include yoga in the workplace, yoga for pregnancy, personal training, yoga for mums - and babies - yoga for kids and yoga for the entire family.

servicespicYoga in the workplace

Work related stress is being increasingly recognised as a major cost to all types of businesses, by offering Yoga as a solution, employers are seen to be addressing some of the root causes of stress, as well as taking a personal interest in their personnel well being. Sessions are tailor made for your company and available weekly

Pregnancy Yoga

Practising yoga won't necessarily make labour and birth easy but it will bring about greater flexibility of body and mind to enable you to deal with whatever situation presents itself in a positive way!

Yoga covers a wide range of disciplines which include improving flexibility, developing strength, stamina, breathing, relaxation and mental awareness. All these will enable you to deal positively with pregnancy, labour, birth and postnatally.

One to one

Individual attention, at home, at work or in studio, working and concentrating on yourself.

Mums and babies

It can help Mums and Dads with their general fitness, improves their posture, builds stamina, reduces stress and promotes calmness. Yoga can help your babies digestion, flexibility, breath and gives them an awareness of the world around them. Yoga helps Mums and Dads tone their body and bond with baby! It's a great way to have fun and exercise at the same time as being with your baby!


Yoga develops awareness of yourself and your potential. It assists promotion of mental and physical calm and aids concentration. It helps children begin cultivating a positive balance and awareness, between self image and the world around them. And, of course it helps you stay both healthy and agile, and is lots and lots of FUN!


Due to the commitments of modern day life it's very difficult for us to get quality time together as a family! Family Yoga is a lovely way for us to do this, so the classes are aimed at families who like to exercise together.

Parents and children are often amazed by each others capabilities, which help to build respect towards each other. Family yoga is suitable for any level of fitness or flexibility, which lets parents and children share the many benefits that yoga brings!



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